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Welcome to Wardrobes.org.uk

A beautifully wardrobe can help finish a bedroom and help make it look complete.  There are a wide variety of different styles, wood types, finishes and styles available for purchase in the U.K. today and it is our goal to help you find the best one for your needs at the lowest price!

At Wardrobes.org.uk we have carefully selected the companies that we work with and as a result with offer the best range of wardrobes available across the U.K. Before you make any decisions about buying bedroom furniture you would be best to browse this site and take a good look at what is available.  We have one of the largest range online in the U.K.

We hope that you enjoy viewing our website and find the perfect furniture for your bedroom.

If you’re considering buying, don’t rush into a purchase until you’ve seriously considered what you need. How much space is available in the bedroom? How much additional storage space do you need? What style will be compatible with your current bedroom furniture? These factors, in addition to quality and craftsmanship, are important considerations when trying to find the piece that is most suitable for your bedroom.

It’s important that the size of your bedroom wardrobe is compatible with the rest of your furniture. You don’t want it to dominate the other furniture pieces, nor do you want it to be dwarfed by them. If you have a small bedroom, consider a single. If your bedroom is quite large, a 3 or 4 door would maintain a reasonable sense of scale.

Your first consideration should be to find a one that meets your storage requirements, and also is compatible with your current bedroom furnishings. If your furniture is a sleek art deco style, then getting one with simple lines and a high gloss lacquer finish would be just the thing. If you have a more traditional bedroom, perhaps a more elegant pine or oak finish with ornate carvings and a rich stain might be more suitable.  They are both durable woods, with oak being the harder of the two.

To help you make your decisions easier we have written a blog that has a selection of helpful posts about the different types available for purchase and how to get the most from them.  They can be purchased in many different sizes including, single, double, triple, four door, six door and more.  We have a wide selection of finishes available from you to select from including different wood types including, pine, oak, walnut, beech and cherry.  We also have a wide selection of painted, white, mirrored, childrens, corner and French styles to view.