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The Amoire Wardrobes Specialists.

We have an extensive range of amoire wardrobes for you to view. Please click on the buttons below to find additional information about the amoire wardrobes that are of interest to you.

The unique French designs and style of wardrobe can be a beautiful addition to most bedrooms. It can become a focal point of a contemporary design or compliment  other pieces of bedroom furniture designed in the same classical style.

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About Amoire Wardrobes

The unique French design of an amoire wardrobe adds an elegant flair to bedroom décor. White or wood, mirrored or not, slim or wide, these wardrobes are the perfect complement to classic home styles.

The first thing you may notice when you look at an amoire wardrobe is its particular beauty. Deep lines and panelling add bold definition to a variety of colours and finishes. When combined with white paint, these embellishments can turn a simple wardrobe into a decorative piece in its own right. Natural wood stains and veneers also benefit from amoire wardrobe style. Sharp, square panelling or an arrangement of panels and mirrors give these wardrobes an impressive presence that can greatly enhance a room.

It shouldn’t be hard to find an amoire wardrobe that fulfils your clothing storage needs as well as matches your bedroom style. Several different sizes are available from single to four-door. Three- and four-door wardrobes are perfect for couples who have a decent amount of clothing between them. Large wardrobe models can add just the right touch to a master suite with their eye-catching design. These spacious wardrobes give you hanging space, drawers, shelves, or a combination thereof to store any and all clothing that needs to stay looking its best.

Children, teens, and young adults may benefit more from smaller single or double wardrobes. A single or two-door amoire wardrobe offers clothing storage without dominating the bedroom. Slimmer wardrobes also appeal to more modern décor and can be easily incorporated without having to move a lot of other furniture or re-design the entire room.

An amoire wardrobe is a lovely piece to include in both bedroom and suite designs. You’ll enjoy both functionality and unique beauty when you purchase one of these pieces. More than simple clothing storage, an amoire wardrobe can be a distinctive, lasting part of your home décor.