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Numerous individuals are faced with the dilemma of wanting to redecorate, but are faced with a limited budget. However, this does not have to prevent one from having the home of his or her dreams, as there are alternatives to expensive furniture that offer just as many beautiful characteristics as their expensive counterparts. When decorating [...]

For anyone contemplating a new bedroom design, adding a 3 door wardrobe would be the ultimate in enhancing the style and warmth of the room. It would seem that accommodating a three door wardrobe would cause crowding in any but the largest bedroom. However, when this style of wardrobe is used efficiently, the result can [...]

The right wardrobe can make a significant impact on the overall design of one’s bedroom, and when it comes time to purchase this particular item, most people agree that considerable thought must be given to choosing the appropriate style and size. A big wardrobe is often necessary for those who have numerous articles of clothing [...]

A single wardrobe is the ideal solution for almost any personal storage need. Such wardrobes offer an area to hang items that wrinkle easily or larger items like coats that are too bulky to fold. Whether a person needs a bit of extra space for specific items, or a wardrobe for everyday use, a single [...]

Those searching for a good quality wardrobe will be pleased to find that there are many styles and designs from which to choose. However, this can also make the task of selecting a model a bit overwhelming for some shoppers unless a few essential factors are kept in mind during their search. One should start [...]

Among the various choices from which one can select a wooden wardrobe, a pine wardrobe often makes the most affordable option. Pine is considerably less expensive than most other types of wood, but still offers many appealing features. Although pine is a soft wood, a pine wardrobe is still a durable choice as it does [...]

Those who want to add a romantic and charming look to their bedroom may wish to consider a white wardrobe. With regard to bedroom décor, a wardrobe is one of the larger furniture pieces that one must give thought to when redecorating. The bed is typically the focal point of the room, and as such, [...]

In the not too distant past, homes were not built with the luxury of walk in closets. Storage space for clothing was not integrated into the design scheme; it had to be added using dressers, free-standing wardrobes, or built-in fitted wardrobes. Depending upon the size of the room, fitted wardrobes could be small or exceptionally [...]

An antique wardrobe has a patina in both finish and history. It stands before you as a strong, functional, and durable survivor of perhaps centuries. It’s nearly impossible to look and touch an antique wardrobe without a feeling of awe at the secrets that it holds, the stories it could tell. But, aside from the [...]

If you’re thinking about getting your first pine wardrobe, you may wish to consider the benefits of a traditional two-door unit. Two door wardrobes, which are manufactured in a number of different design styles to suit every taste, have been favorites over the centuries. Many storage configurations are available straight from the factory. Standard designs [...]

Every bedroom requires a wardrobe of some type. These wardrobes can be built-in to the room, or they can be standalone units. Both types will serve their purpose admirably, and each type has inherent advantages and disadvantages. If cost is an issue, however, the stand-alone unit stands head and shoulders above the built-in construction. One [...]

A mirrored wardrobe can make a significant design impact on a room. It adds function to the wardrobe and definitely affects the style. Before buying one, however, it would be wise to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of the various mirror options. Mirrors do lighten up a room, especially those without a lot of natural [...]

Pine and oak are both beautiful woods that are very popular in the manufacture of all types of furniture including wardrobes. In fact, for building wardrobes, these two woods are the most frequently used. There are some distinct differences between the woods, however, and these differences can affect cost and quality. It worth the time [...]

A well aged well cared for wardrobe looks as though it has a story to tell. It brings an aura of history into a room. It carries an image of permanence and tradition. One cannot help but wonder about the lives of those who once depended upon the wardrobe for the safekeeping of their clothes [...]

There are many reasons why one might wish to replace a wardrobe door: redecorating a room, simple update of the wardrobe, or repairing a damaged door. Whatever the reason might be, replacing a wardrobe door need not be a major project. Most hinged doors on wardrobes are a standard size, and it should be simple [...]

When it comes to wardrobes, the one that offers the most storage capability is the three-door wardrobe. If you’re not familiar with all the different wardrobe styles, a word of explanation is in order. The three-door wardrobe is traditionally configured with one door providing access to shelving, and the remaining two doors opening onto the [...]

Of the many factors to be considered regarding the configuration of your wardrobe, you perhaps never imagined that you’d need to decide on how you want your wardrobe doors to open. As most people do, you undoubtedly thought that hinged doors were the tradition, and that no other options were available. That’s not so. Hinged [...]

The Favourite Wardrobes: Are they Oak or Pine? Pine and oak are the most popular woods used in the manufacture of wardrobes, and both are excellent choices that offer durability, functionality, and long lasting good looks. In past centuries, oak materials were only available to the rich and powerful, leaving pine for building furniture for [...]

When bedroom space is small and your requirement for clothing storage space is large, a wardrobe with sliding doors may provide the perfect solution. These wardrobes are simply designed, easily installed, and are a bit less costly than hinged styles. They definitely present the best option for maximizing storage space while minimizing the space allocated [...]

Are you looking for a wardrobe that gives your bedroom increased verve? A mirrored wardrobe could be the answer. It brightens a bedroom, makes a small bedroom seem larger, adds an element of glamour, and lets you check your appearance as you dash out for the day. If your bedroom is comfortably furnished and functionally [...]

Small wardrobes are the perfect answer when you need just a little bit more storage capability in a small area. A small bedroom with limited space is a perfect example. In such an area a small wardrobe can be used instead of a large chest or dresser to make the most efficient use of the [...]

All furniture used in a child’s room should be functional, safe for the child, fun for the child to look at, and stylish. In terms of versatility and the availability of different styles, pine furniture seems to offer the most options for providing the ideal environment for your child. Pine, when finished with only a [...]