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3 Door Wardrobe For Style And Convenience

For anyone contemplating a new bedroom design, adding a 3 door wardrobe would be the ultimate in enhancing the style and warmth of the room. It would seem that accommodating a three door wardrobe would cause crowding in any but the largest bedroom. However, when this style of wardrobe is used efficiently, the result can actually give a person more room.

Modern wardrobes are well-designed and make use of every available inch of space. When considering purchasing a 3 door wardrobe, first decide exactly what the storage area will hold. A wardrobe can be fully customised upon ordering, to hold whatever items you desire. If you want to use the 3 door wardrobe for your everyday clothing, for instance, you will want to configure it to include shelves, small drawers for lingerie and a hanging area. If it is to be used for blankets and bed linens, then you will want mainly shelves and cubbies of different sizes.

Many bedrooms have more than one furniture piece meant to hold clothing, bed sheets or various other items. If the room is on the smaller size, some may be a little reluctant to try to crowd another piece of furniture into the room. If this is the case, a great advantage may be to remove one or more other pieces, such as a storage cupboard and a bureau, for instance, in favour of moving the large 3 door wardrobe in its place. The large size of the wardrobe may easily hold all of their contents, while giving the bedroom a more streamlined look. This is just one way in which a 3 door wardrobe can offer practical solutions as well as decorative benefits.

In a larger bedroom, the 3 door wardrobe can give balance to the room, especially with today’s newer large beds and uncluttered designs. They are well made with an air of grandeur and luxury about them. One idea is to place wardrobes wall to wall along one side of the room, giving the appearance of built-in closets. In this way, there is room for everything, with clothing, shoes, blankets and linens all in one area. Any finish is available to complement your décor or give your room a whole new look.