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Combine Fun and Function in Your Child’s Wardrobe

All furniture used in a child’s room should be functional, safe for the child, fun for the child to look at, and stylish. In terms of versatility and the availability of different styles, pine furniture seems to offer the most options for providing the ideal environment for your child.

Pine, when finished with only a clear lacquer is light and bright. Even when stained, it has a bright aura of warmth. Either style is pleasing and comforting to the average child. If you wish to add specific bright colours to the room, pine can be painted any color that you want to brighten you child’s daily experience.

Pine is an excellent choice for a child’s wardrobe for another reason. It is inexpensive, which is good in an environment where aesthetic damage may occur due to childish enthusiasm and carelessness. Pine wardrobes are also strongly built to withstand rugged use without breaking or falling apart. A good pine wardrobe will outlast the average childhood and continue to be useful into adulthood.

Because pine is softwood and easy to work with, many variation is style are available along with many storage options. They can be used not only for the child’s clothing, but as a storage place for toys, games, and mementoes. When decorated to childhood tastes, simply getting dressed in the morning can be a fun filled adventure for the child.

Selecting the appropriate size for a child’s wardrobe can be tricky. Children grow so rapidly that the storage requirements that you had when you first purchased the wardrobe, may change significantly within months. Try to plan to buy a wardrobe of a size that is compatible with the size of the room, but also allows for the child’s storage needs when he or she enters school. It’s a balancing act to be sure, but making the proper choice will definitely extend the wardrobe’s useful life. Oftentimes, a larger wardrobe can be used if other redundant furniture pieces such as dressers and chests are removed from the child’s bedroom, and their storage contributions incorporated into the larger wardrobe.

One day the child will outgrow the design, layout, and décor in his childhood retreat and move into a larger room. When that day comes, the wardrobe could easily continue its useful life as a workspace for studying, an entertainment center, a computer center, or a combination of all three.

Buying a child’s wardrobe involves a decision with long term effects. Pine is the best choice because of its lower cost, durability, and flexibility as the child’s needs change. A good pine wardrobe brings warmth to a child’s room. With a dollop of paint here and there, unique character can be added to delight the child. As the child grows older, additional paint can convert the wardrobe’s style to a style more appropriate to the child’s age. It’s not unusual for a child’s wardrobe to become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.