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Features and Benefits of Pine Wardbrobes

Among the various choices from which one can select a wooden wardrobe, a pine wardrobe often makes the most affordable option. Pine is considerably less expensive than most other types of wood, but still offers many appealing features.

Although pine is a soft wood, a pine wardrobe is still a durable choice as it does not come apart easily once it has been assembled. It also lends itself well to paints and stains, making it easy to change its colour whenever one decides to redecorate. A pine wardrobe is also quite versatile, as it is a light coloured wood that blends well in any room, regardless of the room’s colour scheme.

One characteristic of pine wood that is sure to increase its popularity more and more as time goes on is the fact that pine wood is a highly renewable source. These trees grow faster than most other trees that are used to make furniture, making pine an eco-friendly choice.

The English Heritage Wardrobe 2 door is a beautiful option that one may wish to consider when shopping for a pine wardrobe. This model features front mirrors, spacious drawers, and a large hanging area for clothes. The high quality pine wardrobe is crafted from solid pine and stabilized by durable, dovetail joints. This classic model is designed with lovely detailed engraving, making it perfect not only for bedrooms, but for any room in one’s home. A distressed, rustic wax finish enhances the natural grain of this solid pine wardrobe, and the hinges and handles of this model feature a sleek, black polished finish.

Those who prefer a lighter, less formal look in a room may find that the White Provence Wardrobe with Drawer is the perfect selection. This model features a solid pine frame, a drawer for folded clothes and a spacious area for hanging clothes. Its white painted finish adds a contemporary flair to any bedroom in which it is placed. Such wardrobes also add style and aesthetic appeal to other rooms in the home, such as a living room or family room, and many home owners choose to purchase several pine wardrobes for various purposes. Regardless of one’s objective with regard to the décor of his or her home, the natural beauty of a pine wardrobe makes it a perfect option for any room.