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Glamorize Your Room with a Mirror Wardrobe

Are you looking for a wardrobe that gives your bedroom increased verve? A mirrored wardrobe could be the answer. It brightens a bedroom, makes a small bedroom seem larger, adds an element of glamour, and lets you check your appearance as you dash out for the day.

If your bedroom is comfortably furnished and functionally adequate yet has something indefinable lacking, mirrors can be the secret to providing an increased level of interest. A large wardrobe can be the perfect vehicle for displaying those mirrors, and can do so with a variety of configurations.

Mirrored wardrobes can become an exciting focal point in a smaller bedroom while adding brightness and the feeling of increased size to the room. With a properly configured wardrobe, added storage furniture, such as dressers, can often be eliminated resulting in a more efficient use of the available space.

In a larger bedroom, a mirrored wardrobe can provide a transitional balance between large heavy pieces of furniture and the smaller ones. The reflective surfaces offer you great opportunities in design. As one enters the bedroom, one’s eyes will automatically be drawn to the elegance of the wardrobe. Make sure that your furniture and accessories are positioned in the room such that the reflected image that first meets a visitor’s eyes is a pleasant or colorful one.

Aesthetic appeal is not the only benefit from having a wardrobe that has a fully mirrored front. When your bedroom has a limited amount of room, you naturally want to make the most efficient use of the available space. A fully mirrored wardrobe can serve as a dressing room. You can try on your outfits right at the wardrobe, and check out the look on the full body reflection from those front mounted mirrors.

Wardrobes with mirrors are available in all the standard sizes and styles, and of course custom wardrobes can be made to suit your unique specifications. As far as the amount of mirror coverage, that is also flexible. Standard types come with single door mirrors, double door mirrors, and triple door mirrors, as well as full mirror coverage on all visible surfaces. The overall style of the mirrored wardrobe is usually sleek and contemporary, but there are models available where the exposed wood has more traditional ornamentation. You will have no trouble finding a mirrored wardrobe that meets your storage needs and fits in well with your lifestyle.

Once you selected and introduced your mirrored wardrobe into your bedroom, you’ll be amazed at the transformation in appearance of the room and its ambient feeling. When the mirrored wardrobe is strategically placed, the room can benefit greatly from a maximum of reflected sunlight and warmth. You can bring Mother Nature in for a visit during the day.

Wardrobes with mirrors are the perfect choice for creating a new and exciting look for a room that may have been functionally adequate but stylishly dull. A well designed and well positioned mirror wardrobe will reflect most favorably upon your design sense.