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Reflect Upon the Benefits of a Mirrored Wardrobe

A mirrored wardrobe can make a significant design impact on a room. It adds function to the wardrobe and definitely affects the style. Before buying one, however, it would be wise to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of the various mirror options.

Mirrors do lighten up a room, especially those without a lot of natural light. They also give the illusion of greater room size. You should first determine just how much mirror you want. How big an area on the wardrobe do you desire to have covered with mirrors? There are so many options available.

A wardrobe that is mirrored on all surfaces has a stunning glamorous impact on a room and blends in with many different decors. One with mirrors only on the doors also provides added illumination and glamour, but allows for the warmth of the exposed wood to dominate. Both types offer positive visual appeal.

Larger wardrobes do offer more variations in mirror placement. On a large three door wardrobe, you can have a mirror only on the center door, on the outer doors, or on all three doors. On two door wardrobes, the choice is usually limited to mirrors on each door or no mirrors at all. In both cases, adding mirrors to the entire front surface is a much selected option.

Framing the mirrors is also an option. If you decide on framing the mirrors, you can elect a basic trim frame or one that is highly decorative. For a contemporary look, however, the unframed mirror would be the best choice for maintaining a clean modern appearance.

If the mirror is being added only for decoration or to lighten up the room, frosted glass with decorative stencils is a great choice. It complements nicely both ornately carved and simple painted wardrobes.
While the positive aspects of having mirrored surfaces on your wardrobe are many, there are some disadvantages. The obvious one is breakage. A bump on a wooden surface may cause a scratch or a dent which can be repaired. A sharp bump onto the mirrored surface however, could involve broken glass and the cost of replacement. Cleaning will probably be a frequent requirement. Fingerprints and dust have a way of being amplified on a glass surface.

A wardrobe with a mirror or mirrors positioned to allow for full body viewing can be a great benefit in the selection of clothing, checking out a proper fit, and assessing an outfit’s general look. Having that mirror in the same spot where you store your clothing makes it doubly convenient.

When it finally becomes time to make the choice or no mirror, mirror, or how many mirrors, think about both the functionality of your choice and how the wardrobe will look in your bedroom. If you decide upon the mirrored wardrobe, it will definitely add spaciousness and glamour to the room, and enable you to evaluate your look in selected outfits. The mirrored wardrobe will introduce both function and beauty to your room.