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Single Wardrobes-Fashionable And Functional

A single wardrobe is the ideal solution for almost any personal storage need. Such wardrobes offer an area to hang items that wrinkle easily or larger items like coats that are too bulky to fold. Whether a person needs a bit of extra space for specific items, or a wardrobe for everyday use, a single wardrobe can provide the perfect solution.

One of the most important considerations when selecting a single wardrobe, is the overall décor of the room in which the wardrobe will be placed. If the interior décor of one’s home is contemporary, wardrobes with black finishes or those made from dark coloured woods create a dramatic, sophisticated effect. For a child’s bedroom, or a room in which one wishes to create a bright cheerful atmosphere, a white wardrobe, or cream coloured model will work perfectly.

There are various styles and colours from which to choose when shopping for a single wardrobe, most of which offer either drawers on one side and a space to hang clothes other, or just single door that opens to the area where the clothes are hung.

Fashionable and beautiful, the Wessex 7 drawer white wardrobe offers a classic, traditional style and will add elegance and practical benefits to any room. It features seven spacious drawers on the right and three shelves behind the left door. The white painted finish adds the perfect touch to this functional and appealing single door wardrobe model.

The Cino 1 Door Wardrobe in Coffee and Cream is ideal for organizing clothes in rooms that feature limited space. It offers a full length area in which to hang clothes, a convenient top shelf and a bottom area for storing shoes.

Hatherley High Gloss 1 Door Single Wardrobe is another popular favourite which features a glossy, black finish for a luxurious, modern appearance. Crafted with a contemporary theme in mind, this model is perfect for small bedrooms where space is needed for clothes. Metal handles and a handy top shelf complete the look of this eye-catching piece. As with any type of furniture, shopping around is a good idea when searching for the perfect single wardrobe, but with the many attractive options available, finding the ideal model will not be difficult.