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Use Space Efficiently with a Sliding Door Wardrobe

When bedroom space is small and your requirement for clothing storage space is large, a wardrobe with sliding doors may provide the perfect solution. These wardrobes are simply designed, easily installed, and are a bit less costly than hinged styles. They definitely present the best option for maximizing storage space while minimizing the space allocated for the wardrobe itself.

The great thing about sliding door wardrobes are their efficient use of available space. Unlike hinged-door wardrobes that require access space in front to allow for the wide arc required to open the doors, the sliding door wardrobe doors open and close within the limits of the wardrobe’s width. You never have to worry about keeping other furniture a certain distance away from the wardrobe. The space where the wardrobe is placed is all the space it will ever need.

Wardrobes with sliding doors, especially the styles with only two doors, are relatively inexpensive, due to their simple design and ease of installation. Of course there are more intricate styles available, like the three door units, which will cost a bit more due to their design complexity.

Wardrobes with sliding doors come in a variety of styles. As with hinged-door wardrobes, the sliding door units are available in all of the expected wood choices and finishes. Mirrored sliding doors are a popular choice for increasing the apparent size of a room. The mirrors also provide you with the opportunity to see how you look in the outfit that you’ve selected from your wardrobe. Mirrored doors give you a great opportunity to spice up your décor by using stained glass. Doors are also available in custom materials such as rattan, steel, or vinyl enabling you to blend your wardrobe into any decorative scheme. The only limit is your imagination.

Think about where you are going to place the wardrobe in your room. It’s a major piece and will tend to dominate or at least define the room layout. Make sure that its location does not inhibit free movement around the room. Consider the location at different times during the day to ensure that the wardrobe will not block out natural light at any time. It’s important to make the right decision when the wardrobe is first installed. It is a heavy piece made heavier when fully loaded with clothing, and not likely to be easily relocated.

The sliding door mechanism is a bit more sophisticated than the simple hinges found on the hinged door units. It’s prudent to have a reputable installer set it up the first time to ensure that the sliding doors fit properly, run smoothly on the upper and lower tracks, and have any necessary guides installed to prevent the sliding door mechanism from catching on your clothing.

Sliding door wardrobes provide a stylish and functional solution for storage in the smaller bedroom. Its style can define a room giving it warmth and character despite its small size.