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The Style and Versatility of Small Wardrobes.

Small wardrobes are the perfect answer when you need just a little bit more storage capability in a small area. A small bedroom with limited space is a perfect example. In such an area a small wardrobe can be used instead of a large chest or dresser to make the most efficient use of the limited space available. These small wardrobes are available with a system of drawers along with a complementing area for hanging clothing.

Before you select a wardrobe, you should decide exactly what and how much you wish to store. Will you be storing foldable clothing like sweaters and undergarments? Will you need space to hang clothing? If you’ll need both types of storage, small wardrobes are available that can handle both. If not, wardrobes are available with drawers only, or hanging space only. There are enough wardrobe design variations available to fit any requirement.

Take the time to study the room’s current layout and the amount and type of furniture already in it. Determine how much space is available for the wardrobe. Determine what style will best fit in with the existing furniture. Make sure that the size of the small wardrobe is visually compatible with the existing furniture. You don’t want the wardrobe to look like a lost child in the room. If it is too small in comparison to the size of the other furniture, it will look out of place. When the wardrobe is in place, it should contribute to the balance of the room’s furnishings.

Don’t be afraid to take measurements in the room. Bring the tape measure with you when you go to the store to select a wardrobe. It’s a good idea to take a photograph of the room to the store with you, to better visualize how the wardrobe will look when you bring it home.

Introducing a new piece of furniture into any room affects the balance of the room. Small adjustments may have to be made in the placement of other pieces of furniture. You don’t want the room to look cluttered, nor do you want the furniture to look crowded against one wall. Relocate furniture as necessary to give the room a balanced comfortable look and feel. If you need more storage space, and a larger wardrobe’s size would overwhelm the existing furniture, consider buying two small wardrobes instead.

Regardless of what size wardrobe you eventually decide to purchase, make sure that you check the piece thoroughly for quality of construction, finish, and hardware. Good craftsmanship is the key to quality, and quality is the key to reliable long term use. Make sure that the wardrobe sits evenly on the floor. Ensure that the doors and drawers move smoothly and are level. Make sure that the doors are aligned properly when closed. Check that all hardware is properly attached and that all screw heads are properly seated.

A small wardrobe should differ from larger wardrobes in size only.
Quality, durability, design, and style characteristics should hold to the same standards that you would expect to find in larger units. Don’t settle for less than top quality. Select a style and a finish that ensures that your solution to storage problems blends in nicely with your current furnishings.