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The Ultimate in Clothing Storage: The Three Door Wardrobe

When it comes to wardrobes, the one that offers the most storage capability is the three-door wardrobe. If you’re not familiar with all the different wardrobe styles, a word of explanation is in order. The three-door wardrobe is traditionally configured with one door providing access to shelving, and the remaining two doors opening onto the area for hanging clothes. It is the most functionally efficient of all available standalone wardrobes.

The greatest draw toward, and the greatest benefit of the three door wardrobe is its size which allows for the maximum storage volume available in a wardrobe. The two door access to the hanging area provides adequate space for all of your hanger stored clothing, and the shelving area behind the third door provides the perfect place to store sweaters, underwear, and accessory items. For most people who have a three-door wardrobe, no other clothing storage space is required. With a design featuring drawers at the lower section for storing seasonal clothing and accessories, everything that is needed is located conveniently in one place.

The large size of the three door wardrobe would seem to indicate that it would only be appropriate in a large bedroom. Naturally, adding a three door wardrobe to a large bedroom will enhance the warmth and style of the room, these large wardrobes can also be efficiently used in smaller bedrooms as well. The storage capabilities of the three-drawer wardrobe are so well designed that the use of one in a smaller bedroom may result in the removal of other separate storage pieces such as dressers and smaller wardrobes. Replacing a number of smaller storage pieces with one three-door wardrobe may actually maximize the use of the available space. If the room is small, installing a three-door wardrobe with a light stain and mirrored doors or surfaces will brighten up the room and make it appear larger than it is.

Although the three-door unit described above with the hanging area, shelves, and drawers is a popular configuration, it is not the only one offered. You can customize the design to suit your unique needs by specifying different sized areas for hanging, shelving, and drawers. You are limited only by your imagination.

The addition of a three door wardrobe to your bedroom will certainly make a design statement. The warmth and character of the room will instantly change. The wardrobe will become the room’s focal point, and you may wish to reposition or change other furniture to bring the room back into balance. In large bedrooms, a three-door wardrobe can actually provide a balance that was missing in the original layout.

With a three door wardrobe, you’ll have all of your outfits and accessories available in one location. With an integrated mirrored surface, you’ll also have a viewing area to check out how you look in the selected outfit. You’ll feel supremely organized with everything stored in its proper place.