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Give Your Room a Facelift with a New Wardrobe Door

There are many reasons why one might wish to replace a wardrobe door: redecorating a room, simple update of the wardrobe, or repairing a damaged door. Whatever the reason might be, replacing a wardrobe door need not be a major project.

Most hinged doors on wardrobes are a standard size, and it should be simple to find replacement doors that will fit properly without any modification. There are exceptions, of course, that will required custom made replacements, but that is rare. To be sure that you are getting a door that is identical in size, measure your door. Be precise in your measurements. Take you tape measure with you when you shop for the replacement door to ensure that you don’t have to make a return trip.

If the replacement door that you purchased is unfinished, you will need to paint or stain it before installation. When you are satisfied with the finish, attach any necessary knobs, handles, or hinges. Beginning with the top hinge, match the hinge half and set the hinge pin using a hammer. Repeat the process with the bottom hinge. Test the door to make sure that it opens and closes easily and is level and in true alignment with the other doors, if you have a two or three door wardrobe.

If you’re replacing a sliding wardrobe door, you may need to spend a little more time with the installation than you would with hinged doors. Removing the old doors is simple. Just lift them off from the bottom track and slide them off from the top track. Sometimes it is easier to reinstall the new door if you have purchased a new track kit. If you have done so, remove and replace the top track. You normally do not need to replace the bottom track unless it is visibly damaged.

Attach the rollers onto the door tops. Fit each door into the bottom track, and then guide the rollers in place on the upper tracks. If you experience a problem with the door bottoms swinging out of the bottom tracks, you can buy and install track guides to prevent that from happening. After the doors are installed, operating them a few times to ensure that they move smoothly and are visibly level with one another.
The most critical part of the door replacement process is making sure that you have taken accurate measurements of the existing doors before purchasing the replacements. If the door doesn’t fit properly, it will not work well and be a source of frustration until you replace it again with a door that fits appropriately.

Pick a door style that matches the one being replaced or that fits in well with your existing décor. If you are redecorating you room in a different style, you can adapt you wardrobe by replacing the doors with a new look as well. In addition to the traditional and contemporary wood replacement doors, vinyl, leather, glass, and steel doors are also readily available to give your wardrobe a fresh new look.