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The Favourite Wardrobes: Are they Oak or Pine?

The Favourite Wardrobes: Are they Oak or Pine?

Pine and oak are the most popular woods used in the manufacture of wardrobes, and both are excellent choices that offer durability, functionality, and long lasting good looks. In past centuries, oak materials were only available to the rich and powerful, leaving pine for building furniture for the common man. Today, both woods are readily available and share many similar characteristics. Choosing which of the two woods to use in your wardrobe involves a number of considerations including wardrobe design, planned décor, intended use, and budget.

Since the Middle Ages, oak has been the preferred wood used in wardrobes and other furniture used by the well off. Most of the really old antique wardrobes are oak, not simply because of their durability, but because the wealthy were more apt to safeguard and hand down their quality furniture to their heirs. Oak is renowned for its strength and toughness. Its open grain gives it a special character that adds warmth and richness to any room when properly stained. Oak wardrobes are structurally sound and naturally beautiful.

Untreated oak wood is found in a range of colors: white, yellowish, and reddish brown. Finishing the wood with stains brings out a richness that has been admired for centuries, and fits in well with any bedroom style. Oak wardrobes are usually more expensive that pine wardrobes. That is a result of two factors. Oak, being a hardwood, supports more intricate carvings and shaping than pine, but requires more effort and sharper tools to accomplish. The cost of the wood itself is a key factor. Pine can be harvested in about ten years from initial planting. For oak, it could be as long as thirty years, making oak a far more expensive wood.

Well crafted, quality-built wardrobes made from of either wood are durable, and with proper use should last a lifetime. Pine has a fine grain that finishes well with either stains or paint. Stained pine, while beautiful, always maintains a hint of natural rusticity. Oak, on the other hand, seems to boast a majestic quality. Age and history seem to be a part of any oak wardrobe, even a new one.

As it turns out, both pine and oak wardrobes are excellent aesthetic and functional choices. Each has a unique character that enhances any bedroom. The choice comes down to style and personal statement that may be inferred in the choice of the more costly wood. Both will add warmth to the bedroom, regardless of how the wardrobe is finished.

So no matter which type of wood wardrobe you decide upon, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that could last you for a lifetime. It may someday a family heirloom. The final choice depends upon your sense of style.